About Us

Brent Hinger – Founder

Hello, my name is Brent and I’m the owner of Southern Oregon Adventure Riders. My wife Stephanie and I live in Roseburg, Oregon which is in Douglas County. We have lived in Southern Oregon for the past 25 years.

Douglas County is designated as number 13 out of 600+ counties in the United States for diversity and beauty. It is the mecca for adventure and sport- touring motorcycling. Its geographic location is so unique in so many ways but my absolute favorite is that centered between the Cascades / Sierra Nevada and the Siskiyous / Pacific Coast Range, we have the unique ability to control the weather. The temperature in Redding, CA in the summertime can be 100 degrees but 60 miles directly to the west, Eureka, CA, Crescent City, CA, Brookings, OR, and Reedsport, OR, will typically be 55-60 degrees. I always plot my routes so that we will be riding in 65-75 degree weather.

I consider myself to be an expert rider with very extensive knowledge and experience on just about every high-performance motorcycle ever built. It’s not about how fast they go, it’s about how fast they get there. It’s all about torque. I’ve accumulated 300,000 plus miles on street-touring bikes in my 45 years of riding and 50,000 miles on dirt bikes. I have spent a lot of time on the newer Gold Wings but there were always areas I wanted to integrate into my travel plans. Occasionally having to cross over 5-10 miles of gravel was something Gold Wings didn’t like to do. Then, KTM released the 1190R and the 1290 Super Adventure. Game changer. The 1290 will go anywhere with ease. The fun factor is off the planet. With an 8 gallon fuel capacity, one can travel upwards of 400 miles on a single tank of gas.

I have listed many roads and routes that reflect my substantial knowledge of this area and many other areas as well. Not only has it taken me many years to discover these routes, I’ve been to many of them hundreds of times, and to learn the logistics of how to plan the routes according to road conditions, points of interest, traffic, gas stops, and good food at good restaurants, but also I’ve perfected this with the knowledge of how many hours it takes to travel 250-300 miles per day when,  on about 20-30% of these systems your speed average will be about 30 mph, and then being able to finish the day at a nice hotel. I take pride in not only being able to accomplish this, but also in how unique the geographical location of where Southern Oregon Adventure Riders centers its tours.

Listed below are just a few of the bikes that I’ve owned and currently own:

  • GS 1000L Suzuki
  • 1100 Special Yamaha
  • VFR 800 Honda
  • Honda V65 Magna
  • Honda Gold Wings
  • KTM 1290 SA
  • KTM 1190R
  • Dirt bikes—Yamaha, 360 DR, Yamaha, 500 TT Yamaha. I have owned and worn out at least half a dozen of XR 650 R Hondas. I currently have three 525 EXC KTMs.

I have a passion for motorcycles and adventure, and have a desire to share that with other people.